Friday, January 20, 2012

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

This is a book I never wanted to read. That seems to be a pattern... It does start off slow for me when I read it last Summer at least. Most likely more for me because I was reluctant to read it. I mean. A book about a boy running in a maze... not that interesting. But of course it's more than that. It's kind of like The Lord of the Flies or so I'm told it is. There's a group of boys about 50 of them living in a maze with monsters all around they named The Grievers. They are part animal and part machine. Just looking at them will make a shiver go down your spine. These boys have been living two years in what they call The Glade. It's like a perfect square in the middle of the maze where they farm, raise crops, and it's basically there safe haven. There are doors around The Glade to go to the maze. They close when it gets dark. Here comes Thomas. He is experiencing what everyone has. Being boxed in and terrified before being introduced to his new home knowing only one thing about himself. His name. Thomas comes in and after a little while something starts feeling familiar. It's like he's been here before. He wants to become a Runner. It's like there's an imaginary string pulling him to want to be one. A Runner is a person who goes out into the maze trying to find an escape by mapping the whole area. They need to be quick, tough, a decision maker, smart, and of course they must be athletic. They are the best of the best and he wants in.

The next day after he arrives a girl arrives which has never happened before. Not only was she there a month early but she's a girl! The Glade is only filled with boys. She has paper in her hands saying something like it'll all end soon. Now everyone is looking at Thomas wondering what he knows but he can't say that this place feels familiar he'll sure to be in trouble after that. But what gets him is that the girl feels familiar too. He doesn't know what's going on. He just wants to escape. He just wants his memory back like everyone else. He didn't mean to trigger the end.

This book is pure awesomeness. I absolutely love Thomas. He was one of my favorite male main characters in 2011. You just fall in love... *clears throat* Well, he is awesome. Chuck on the other hand annoyed the crap out of me. I don't know how Thomas liked him. He was his only friend in the beginning so I'll let it slide. It might have also been because he resonated home or something... but whatever. He still annoyed me and creeped me out. I loved Newt as well. What with his bum leg it didn't matter. He was still tough and he cared about Thomas. I remember reading this the first time around. The twists that I never saw coming. My mouth hanging open all the time. There is sadness also which is expected. They are a bunch of kids fending for themselves. But let me tell YOU. This trilogy only gets better. I've just read The Scorch Trials being that way. I have yet to read The Death Cure and I can't wait. It'll be a glorious finale. Too bad though. I'll miss Thomas.
                                        Rating: 5 Stars

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