Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

Wow this was a wonderful story!!! The levels of emotion in this book had me breathless. The moments of self doubt, jealousy, worthlessness, inadequacy, and longing are feeling that are not very foreigh to most people. Sometime I thought she was whinny, but when you look at it she was like many of us. She was insecure and she wanted badly not to be like the sister she felt she was constantly compared too. She wanted to be her own person, stand up for what she believed, protect the ones see loved, and be loved in return. She was very bold even in situations when I personally would have told her to shut up, but I respect her bravery and see did see results even when they were not the results she wanted.

This story was a huge emotional journey. She couldn't see in herself what others saw in her (like many of us) and it drove her to be even more miserable. Kate is a wonderful and beautiful character. Each book and novella shows her growing more mature and admirable. She is one of my new favorite heroines that I have discovered so far this year. Her courage is inspiring, and even her longing to be loved and excepted did not throw a bad light on her. She showed that yes it's ok to feel lonely and desire to be loved, however, it's your actions, motivation, purpose, and your treatment of others that make you who you are and affects how others will respond to you. Also, I think she shows that it's ok to be vulnerable with someone if it's for the right reasons. She also showed that it's ok to love someone and not be with them if it's better for your health and happiness. I loved her character for that.

Her relationship with Henry is so very strained at times, but I love her dedication and I understand her need for his reassurance. His past relationship showed the importance of thinking out your decisions when signing up to be committed to someone or something for a period of time. Because when/if you decide that one day that lifestyle is no longer for you, there will be many broken hearts/lives/spirit that will lay in you wake when you go. Also, Henry's past is more evidence of the need to look at things the way it is. It will save you much hurt in the end.

I really enjoyed the Mythological aspect of it. To me it was not the main focus of the story. It was really for the emotion and struggles in the book. I can not wait for the next installment!! This is such a beautiful story added in with the Mythology makes this a 5 star for me! (:      

♥ Valencia ♥

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

First of all this is a Horror book so you might want to be wary of it. It is not spooky it's Horror. I had to stop midway through because stupid me started it as soon as I woke up. It can kick you down in the middle of the morning. I needed to get out of my head for a little while because it's not bad it's just something you shouldn't immediately wake up to. After coming back to it I was fine. The rest of the book I was fine too. It just got into my head a little bit too much. So with that rambling portion done let's get on to the book shall we?

So this town is crazy because I would have moved out way before I had a kid. Because they steal your kid. And replace it with one of their sick... creatures. And Mackie is one of those creatures. His family knows it but it's something they don't talk about. His "sister" is pretty devoted to him even though there is that underlying problem where he isn't really her brother. It's actually kind of odd to me how much they care and how he got friends because he was really sick in the beginning and everything was going wrong with him. I'm surprised. He wasn't a barrel of laughs if you know what I mean.

He stays in the background because everyone knows what he is but they deny it. But whenever something bad happens like oh say a girl in your class's sister dies he needs to keep his head down before he's bludgeoned to death. It wasn't even her sister Tate says. She's desperate to talk to him because he's the obvious choice. It's not like anyone else would know. So he avoids her. But with a person like Tate that isn't going to last very long.
This is where everything goes awry with Mackie's seemingly good life but truth is he's dying and there is only one place he could get help so of course there is a catch. Now Mackie has to make a choice. The life he's always known or the life he should have had.

Again so creepy but so good in the same sense. I know I keep on saying it and I know I'll probably say it the rest of my life concerning books but I didn't expect this book to be this way. I know what it was about actually in this case which I usually don't or don't remember before I start reading it.... But the characters were so different then what I expected. I didn't expect Mackie to be so... gloomy. And such a background type of guy. He was scary just because of how he acted and then he was not really human so that added to his odd vibe. I seriously could not have kept him if I were his mom. That's just depressing but whatever. Mackie was still quite interesting in his own way and I sort of warmed up to him. I know I must sound weird but this book was really good. If you've read it or if you are going to read it then you'll understand why I can't really describe that it was really good... it was just odd too so that's why I keep tripping over my words. So if you like Horror books I recommend this one and if you know of any others please tell me.

Rating: 4 stars

Gym Candy by Carl Deuker

This is NOT A GIRLY BOOK. Just wanted to put that out there because the title can sound misleading to others. I mean Gym Candy? Very misleading...

Mick Johnson was made for football. His father was once a football star even going all the way to the NFL but he didn't last... His father even set him back a grade so he would be a year older than everyone else. He has an advantage with his age and his who his father is because since he was small he was taught the game and he never gave him an inch. His mother doesn't really understand how much football means to him but that's alright. As long as he has football he'll be okay. And then he's starting as a freshman Running Back with his friend Drew by his side as Quarterback. They've known each other for a long time and their friendship will be rocked by how Mick starts to act. Standoffish, too busy, and unnecessarily angry. The problem is that Mick isn't good enough. If he was only stronger he could have won a game. And then later on he is threatened by another Running Back. He goes to steroids and from then on out we will discover how strong he really is.

Ah-Mah-Zing! There aren't that many YA Sport books out there so this one was a treat and then it was about steroids so it made it even more fascinating. I felt for Mick but I couldn't see why he was doing it only at the end. I guess since his father never went to his games unless he was starting... there was pressure from him. And with the new guy coming in but I really didn't see so much pressure in the beginning. One little mishap and then you go for steroids and then the side effects? Ew. Nevertheless this book was crazy good. I loved every minute of it. I think it was so close to being a 5 star book but then the pressure thing I didn't get. I didn't see it there.

Nice twist Deuker. You had me thrown off there for a second. It made you wonder at the end which I love when author's do that. I was even more impressed with this book because I read Runner by the same author and I didn't like it that much so when I read this one I was happy and relieved. Deuker redeemed himself in my eyes. So check it out if you like Sports books.

Rating: 4 stars

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jump by Elisa Carbone

P.K. isn't doing so well at school and her parents have had enough so there shipping her off to boarding school miles and miles away. But P.K. is going to have the last word. Before they send her off she's going to run away. Not for long. Just long enough for her parents to change their minds. They just don't get her like her friends parents. I mean she showed them a book of teenage rebellion and she was allowed to study for classes at home. Not P.K.'s parents. So she wants to go on an adventure but no one wants to go with her until this boy walks in and he volunteers rights away. She doesn't know anything about him and that's fine by her... for now.

That boy I was talking about? Well his name is Critter and he's just got out of a psych ward. He has these really weird ideas about life. He sees the light of people so he can tell what their moods are.  He has different philosophies about life and his parents just think he is insane. He had to get out of there. His parents never gave him a chance. So he's hitchhiking with P.K. this incredible cute girl that no one wants to go with. Life's a hundred percent adventure. There is no past or future only now. And now he's not going to worry about the cops or being locked up again. But what happens when he starts to really fall for the girl? Will he be able to let her get hurt because of his problems?

LOVED THIS BOOK! So beautiful.... I want more books like this. I love nature books/sport books like this. And I kind of like books about crazy people. But Critter isn't crazy... well it depends on your point of view but he's just weird to me. I really cared for Critter and that... that AUTHOR! RUINED MY LIFE FOR A SECOND! That was messed up... you know what you did. But then there is P.K. and she was like sort of the stable one. She's like you when you're reading about Critter. Lack of a better word she's the sane one. I understand some of what Critter was saying but some of the things just went over my head honestly. Basically live your life to the fullest.

Her parents were killing me! Both of their parents in fact. P.K.'s parents and Critter's needed to listen to their children. Everything could be solved if you just listened. Critter's parents at the end... I realized they didn't really care. There are a couple of loose ends at the end but that's too be expected. In the end this book left me wanting more... more books like this and more stories that are deep in its way like this. It was so rewarding.

Rating: 5 stars

Monday, March 5, 2012

Video Rapper Lifestyle

We have all see those flashy music videos of the rappers throwing 100 dollar bills out like peppermints, with chains down to their kneecaps, and too many half-naked women to count. Many times when I watch these videos I have to wonder to myself, "What's the point?"

What's the point of having all this money every where, girls shaking what they mama should not have given them, and these ridiculously big chains that I'm pretty sure has your neck slightly suicidal? It finally dawned on me that it's all a show. At the end of the day those girls get dressed and go home, the money goes back to the bank, and the chains to a gold refinery. There is no point to this at all. It's just a show to make it seem like they are the ones with the ideal life.

I beat you're asking "What's the point of that statement?" The point is many of us are living the Video Rapper Lifestyle. We dress up and make our outside look real nice and pretty. We go about our day putting on an act trying to show everyone else how good our life is, or better yet trying to prove to ourselves how good our life is. You can make the outside the most beautiful thing in the world but that doesn't keep the inside from rotting and caving in. Your inside will continue to rot and spread poison until every cell, every thought, every breathe is infected with the poison you try to hide. The truth is when you go home and take off the jewelry, give back the money, and dismiss the video hoes the pain is still there. Until you confront the source of your troubles and give it to the person equipped to handle it, the poison will continues to spread. And once the  inside is gone and the outside has collapsed it will take more to repair what has been loss, eaten away, and torn apart than it was to give your problems to the Lord. He is the only one that can truly relieve you of your troubles. He knows all, has seen all, and loves all. There is nothing He can not do in your life! You don't need that Video Rapper Lifestyle the true beauty that lies in you is  great than any Video Rapper Lifestyle you can ever conceive. Don't be afraid to let your beauty shine!!! And remember His love for you is infinite no matter your Video Rapper Lifestyle. Read. Live. Learn. Love.

"Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved."- Psalm 55:22

Imagine Me- Kirk Franklin
Who You Are- Jessie J
Mirror- Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars
Today My Life Begins- Bruno Mars

♥ Valencia ♥

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott

Amy's tired of her parents acting like they actually care about her and not there ever loving relationship. She's always felt alone in her life. She's had friends before Julia. Friend's that treat her like crap and now it's Caro a.k.a. Corn Syrup who gets the abuse of her former leader Beth who could ruin your life in a second. Amy's so thankful she had Julia but now that she's gone she doesn't know what to do. She still hears her mother's whisper Murderer and knows that is what she is she'll never escape it. Now her life is After Julia. She has to deal with Laurie with her questions and pen clicking. As well as Mel who just talks and talks. Patrick is there too. Her almost... he's always quiet and she wonders what his sadness and anger mean. Love You Hate You Miss You is about choices in our life and whether or not we can forgive ourselves.

This was a pretty good book. Amy got to me when she started to describe their way of life. Alcohol, drugs, and sex. And maybe I don't know the people who do that and maybe Julia was a nice person but seriously I look at the people at my school and can't think beyond what I see. I really need to stop doing that. But the way they talk... so that was that. I felt bad for her. She was lonely because her parents were the opposite of what other books and actual people portray. They love each other a lot. To the point they are making out. Ugh. It's cool that they love each other so much but she was like a burden to them. I'm glad they were trying at least.

I actually liked Patrick and all his weirdness. I'm surprised other girls didn't. Girls like guys that they can "fix". But that wasn't it. He had a tough time and you know he saw life completely different. A way where you can have conversations with him that mattered. It was really weird that they just touched and were going to do it. That can't be realistic. Also the whole sex thing in high school... whatever. But it was a good book. I liked it. It was different then what I expected but again it was still good. I'm happy that I read it.

Rating: 3 stars

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley

Charlie is the quiet type of girl who is awesome at singing the blues but can never get up on stage to show it. She was nine when her mom died. Her father has never gotten over it. He went from cool quiet everything under control to just quiet and never around. Whenever she tries to talk to him about something important he looks at his hands and gives her money so she'll go away. She used this so she can get some recording equipment. She works at a music store and sometimes gets singing lessons from one off the owners as well as guitar lessons from the other. The book has songs in the pages so you get sort of the feel of what she is like and what she sounds like even if it's only in your head. She has all this recording equipment but she never sings in front of people. Not even her dad.

Rose is always with her boyfriend Luke and friend Dave. Luke is always getting in trouble and Dave and her always get dragged down with him. Dave more than anyone because his dad has always given him a hard time... Well Rose wants more than anything to get away to the city. She got this scholarship to go to this science school but she never can tell her parents. Her parents who are going nowhere fast. Who gave up in life. She wants so bad to leave even if it means leaving Luke and Dave. She gives Charlie a hard time because all she does is stare at the group. But this "summer" which is during Christmas time??? It's Australia but I still don't understand. Well this summer she's figured out a way to get out of this miserable old town. She's going to make friends with Charlie. She'll be doing her a favor. She's going with her when she leaves.

Charlie is beyond likable. I was always angry at Rose because IF SHE DARED HURT HER! She would be in some real trouble with me. I mean she has like no friends and is just dangerously shy. Her two "ghosts" that follow her are her Grandma and Mom. She talks to them and it's so sad because those are the only two she could ever really talk to and now they're gone. Her father was killing me. NOTICE YOUR CHILD. I would be suffering too though. Seven years and I know I would be like him but seriously if I had a kid I hope I wouldn't act so stupid all the time.

God Rose. Finally I started liking you because you actually saw her. You were very irritating you know. Dave was cool. He was so sweet. I LOVE him. And then he's hurting too and you want to give him and Charlie a big old hug. I absolutely loved this book. It was beautiful. I think it's going to be in my favorites pile. It's that good. Read this book. You will fall in love too.

Rating: 5 stars