Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

Wow this was a wonderful story!!! The levels of emotion in this book had me breathless. The moments of self doubt, jealousy, worthlessness, inadequacy, and longing are feeling that are not very foreigh to most people. Sometime I thought she was whinny, but when you look at it she was like many of us. She was insecure and she wanted badly not to be like the sister she felt she was constantly compared too. She wanted to be her own person, stand up for what she believed, protect the ones see loved, and be loved in return. She was very bold even in situations when I personally would have told her to shut up, but I respect her bravery and see did see results even when they were not the results she wanted.

This story was a huge emotional journey. She couldn't see in herself what others saw in her (like many of us) and it drove her to be even more miserable. Kate is a wonderful and beautiful character. Each book and novella shows her growing more mature and admirable. She is one of my new favorite heroines that I have discovered so far this year. Her courage is inspiring, and even her longing to be loved and excepted did not throw a bad light on her. She showed that yes it's ok to feel lonely and desire to be loved, however, it's your actions, motivation, purpose, and your treatment of others that make you who you are and affects how others will respond to you. Also, I think she shows that it's ok to be vulnerable with someone if it's for the right reasons. She also showed that it's ok to love someone and not be with them if it's better for your health and happiness. I loved her character for that.

Her relationship with Henry is so very strained at times, but I love her dedication and I understand her need for his reassurance. His past relationship showed the importance of thinking out your decisions when signing up to be committed to someone or something for a period of time. Because when/if you decide that one day that lifestyle is no longer for you, there will be many broken hearts/lives/spirit that will lay in you wake when you go. Also, Henry's past is more evidence of the need to look at things the way it is. It will save you much hurt in the end.

I really enjoyed the Mythological aspect of it. To me it was not the main focus of the story. It was really for the emotion and struggles in the book. I can not wait for the next installment!! This is such a beautiful story added in with the Mythology makes this a 5 star for me! (:      

♥ Valencia ♥